small towns are our Big Clients

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Its not Rocket Science

Small towns need as much help with their websites as bigger towns.

Small towns can't afford to pay as much as bigger towns.

Town Websites offers more, for less.

It's elementary

Town Websites believes in its mission: providing all of the services that a small town needs to build and maintain a website as good as larger municipalities are capable of, with a predictable budget appropriate to the financial resources of a town.

There's nothing like first-hand evidence.
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Municipal Focus

Efficient tools adaptable to work the way your departments prefer to work to gather and present municipal information.

Documents Demonstration

  • Special Permit Application FormApplication for Special Permit, Variance, or other Zoning Relief as adopted Dec 6, 2012
  • Special Permit or Variance OverviewInstructions and overview for Special Permit, Variance, and Zoning relief, as adopted Dec 6 2012
  • Rules and RegulationsZoning Board of Appeals Procedural Rules and Regulations
  • Shelburne Zoning BylawsTown of Shelburne Zoning Bylaws as updated May 7, 2013
  • Events Calendar

    1. Agenda
      1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
      2. Appointments
      3. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
      4. Signatures -  Motor Vehicle and Real Estate Monthly List, Payment Vouchers
      5. 17 South Street
      6. Hull Forest Management Plan
      7. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
      8. Upcoming Meetings -  August 3
      9. Adjourn the Meeting
      Board of Assessors Meeting
      Mon, Jul 6 06:00 pm
    2. Agenda

      Triennial Community Input Meeting

      1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
      2. Invite public comments and opinions for consideration by Cultural Council, such that we can better serve our citizens.
      3. Announce availability of grant funding for local projects which will provide rich cultural experiences for our community.
      4. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
      5. Adjourn the Meeting
      Cultural Council Meeting
      Sat, Jul 11 09:00 am
    3. Agenda
      1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
      2. Public hearing on application from Joseph Ragan for a special permit to demolish existing attached structures and construct a two car garage on a non-conforming building at 134 Ashfield Mountain Rd (Map 7-1, parcel 81)
      3. Possible site visit to the property
      4. Discuss other upcoming applications
      5. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
      6. Schedule follow-up Meetings
      7. Adjourn the Meeting
      Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
      Thu, Jul 16 07:00 pm
    4. Agenda
      1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
      2. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
      3. Budget
      4. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
      5. Upper Park
      6. Lower Park
      7. Adjourn the Meeting
      Parks Commission Meeting
      Mon, Jul 27 07:00 pm


    Albert EinsteinChair
    Erwin SchrödingerCan't Touch This Cat
    Niels BohrAtomic Diagram Expert
    Richard FeynmanChief Lecturer
    Chief PhysicistAlbert Einstein
    HoursTuesdays 10am-4pm
    Picture for Albert Einstein
    Example coming soon
    Example coming soon

    Click the link below for an example

    Town of Colrain, MA Assessor Maps


    Responsive design is a buzzword for websites that adapt to different devices ranging from cell phones to tablets to laptops to large screen desktops.

    For most of our small town clients, where cell phone service is limited and broadband may be even more limited, it is more important for a website to have pages that load quickly on dialup service than it is to provide content specially formatted for mobile devices. Please check the Dialup section below to see why.

    Typical content management systems that do 'responsive' do it with bloated frameworks and templates that are not dialup friendly. As this website demonstrates, Townwebsites can give you all the buzz you want, and can generally do it in a truly 'responsive' way - dialup responsive, but we usually recommend simple solutions, common sense, and paying most of your attention on getting the content right rather than thinking too much about how to use the latest gadgets to present the content.

    Phone Cow
    Tablet Cow
    Desktop Cow


    Below are videos of two small-town municipal websites that demonstrate why dialup performance matters. One is from Town Websites, and displays a basic page layout within 5 seconds and complete graphics in 36 seconds. The other takes more than two minutes to reach a stable display. Click play on the two videos to see the results for yourself.

    Not a Town Websites website

    Is a Town Websites website

    You can duplicate dialup performance yourself using the Web Page Test website.

    The Town of Stockbridge has a very attractive website - it won the Massachusetts Municipal Association's website award for the 'best website - town under 2000 population' this year. I hope everyone in Stockbridge who wants to visit the website has broadband!

    Some Tools and Services we use

    Adobe Creative Suite and Acrobat PDF
    Akeeba Backup and Admintools Pro
    Amazon Web Services
    Centos 6
    Digital Ocean SSD VPS
    Google Apps calendar
    Joomla CMS - Open Source Matters
    Microsoft Word and Excel
    Knownhost Managed VPS
    Linode VPS
    Nicon Cameras - D7100
    PHP scripting and Mysql database