Contact Manager

Contact Manager

The Contact Module automatically creates a form on your contact us page. This is where visitors to your website can sign up for news, reminders or alerts via email. They need only enter in their email address and then select one or more List from the checkbox list at the bottom of the form, such as your boards or departments.

These contact lists allow you to send emails to subscribers in two places on your RocketFusion website:

  • When sharing a news item or calendar event. Subscribers will get that article or event emailed to them.
  • When a board is linked to a contact list and board meetings have been set up in the calendar, subscribers will get automated emails reminding them of upcoming meetings.

In order to use this functionality, you'll need to create lists. Setting up Lists is very easy.

The Contact Module:

  • creates a basic contact form for you, collecting customer information
  • lightning fast response times -- get an SMS text on your mobile phone when someone fills out the form!
  • bulk contact everyone in your contact us database
  • create lists that your potential customers / constituents can opt-in to
  • send content from news pages and calendar events
  • bulk import names from spreadsheets or other contact systems you may have