Agendas & Minutes

Agendas & Minutes

The Agendas & Minutes aspect of the Open Government Module connects the Calendar to a Board and its members. Once a calendar event has been linked to a board you can create an Agenda through the online system and begin adding Sections and Items, creating an indexed, searcheable database in the process.

The Agenda and Minutes Module also complies with the Massachsetts Attorney General's 2017 ruling that all agendas and minutes posted to a Town or City's website be "machine readable", meaning they're not contained as a scanned document in a PDF.

Agendas and Minutes goes through several stages, automatically, as time passes:

  • As the meeting approaches, automatic emails go out to all board members reminding them of that the Draft Agenda will be locked and "posted" two days before the meeting.
  • Two days before the meeting the Draft Agenda is locked and shown as "Posted Agenda" in the calendar, and an automatic email goes out to all board members and anyone who has signed up for such emails letting them know the agenda is now posted.
  • At the exact time of the meeting, the Posted Agenda auto-advances to become "Draft Minutes", which can be taken during the meeting, or soon after.
  • During the next meeting, the board can vote on the "Draft Minutes" of the previous meeting, turning them into "Approved Minutes."

All motion votes are roll-call, and a synopsys of the votes can appear on your homepage as soon as the minutes are "published."

Read more about it on the Help Page.