The Open Government Module

The Open Government Module

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Specifically written for towns, small cities, or any entity with boards, the Open Government Module in RocketFusion creates a system where boards can post meeting agendas and minutes in a transparent manner, exposing the discussions and motions to the public in a myriad of ways, including direct searches and lists of recent motions in content boxes on the home page. Meetings are linked to boards, and their members, and their attendance at the meetings, who made the motions, and how everyone voted. All linked, and indexed, online.

Create your boards, create records for the staff and volunteers who are on those boards and link them together. You can track board members' term starts and ends, and their contact info. Board members will automatically receive reminder emails about upcoming meetings, and warnings about agenda posting deadlines.

Create your meetings in the calendar, then create your meeting agenda, section by section, item by item. Includes agenda item file attachments, and executive session.

Meetings are linked, and the public can click through the meetings of a board in chronologic order, one by one, reading the minutes from past meetings and agendas for future meetings.

Board members can record the minutes during or the day after the meeting. Take attendance, and record every motion with a role call vote.

Prices start at $500 for the Open Government module depending on Town size, number of staff and boards, and budget.

Read more about this module on the RocketFusion Help Website.

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